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Monday, 30 July 2007
Adolf Review
By: Jesus

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My brothers and sisters this is reverend Jebediah Slight from I'm here today to talk to you about Adolf Hitler from the second book of Randy and Gary, commonly called Insertion

The lake turned yellow and yellow water flowed from every faucet on Pablo Escobar's compound. And the three hundred sticks of TNT! fuckbombed the lake turning all the fish dead. And the horse said "Nay!"

But Adolf was thrown out of a window. I wonder how he was feeling. There's a ringing in my ears. And no one to relate to, 'cept the sea of a thousend dead fish. Who can I believe in,
I'm kneeling on the floor. Daddy no!

There has to be a force; who do I phone? Maybe the Ghost Busters? How about Voltron? The stars are out and shining, but all I really want to know is who put all the dead fish on my roof? Oh won't you... show me the way. The flies are in my eyes. Now they are dead on the ground. I want you me the way. The Darkness are in town! What the hell is "One Way Ticket to Hell... And Back." I got the willies but not a crappy hippie band from California. Now the lights are all out.

Lets riot. Amen brothers and sisters.

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