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Wednesday, 11 July 2007
Pope Benedict XVI is a douche bag
By: Jesus

Apparently Pope Benedict XVI is a fucking dumbass and has declared in a document issued by the Vatican, that other Christian communities are not the true church. I hope he dies or at least gets AIDs for such a stupid assumption.

According to the Pope, Christ established only one church, the Catholic Church. You know, the dumbass religious fucks that think porn and rape is bad. What stupid assholes. The Pope said that Orthodox churches are defective and that other Christian denominations are not true churches but merely ecclesial communities and for this reason, they do not have the means of salvation.

Is any one else retarded from reading that?

Read some boring shit Here.
And here.

First of all believing in Jesus/God and living your life with Jesus/God in mind will no doubt get you to heaven. Not being Catholic. Who is Jesus/God going to like more? The Chatholic who goes to church or the Christian who beats the homeless? Yeah exactly.

Rape your mom!


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