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Thursday, 12 July 2007
Praying to God
By: Jesus

I was talking to a friend today and she said that she stopped believing in Jesus because long ago when her life was bad she would pray for it to get better but it never did.

I said this to her.

I think a lot of religious people are misled that Jesus/God will answer their prayers. When really "they" are there for guidance and not a problem solver.

Like you pray to Jesus to help you get better when you are sick. Or help you do some task. The thought that there is some one out there helping you gives you will power and guidance but doesn't actually fix the problem.

Praying makes things seem better. Like there are others helping you.

But when you pray for some one to get better and then they die. You curse God and then try to reason with the situation like "It was his/her time to die."

It is a lie based system. Because its easier to lie then face the truth.

"Well, I prayed to God that I would past my test and I did."

But is it really because that person studied/knew the material and tried their hardest to pass? Or is it because God really did help them?

What are your thoughts?



Some responses

Chris Wrote: false hope for weak-minded masses of people who can't survive on their own. they need a large church group and "god" to help them with their problems. 

Lord Finkle: Faith is believing that God is working in your life, no matter what happens, for a reason. Life on earth sucks to remind us that there is a heaven, we're not there yet, and we need Jesus to get there. This doesn't exactly answer your question. Too many people use God, like you said, to rationalize outcomes. So was God going to let the same thing happen to you whether or not you prayed? Was he waiting for you to pray? Does he only answer the prayers of the faithful? And where do most people's faith go when faced with death? But ultimately prayer is not supposed to be a supernatural plea bargain. It's a conversation, so that whatever is going on in your life you will have peace and understanding through Christ. 

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