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Monday, 23 July 2007
Dreaming of White Trash
By: Jesus

If we can learn any lessons this week its kick your brother in the balls before he kicks you in the back. I can say that with full faith that v8 Splash tastes good. But seriously, if you have a brother there is a 100% chance he is going to fuck your ass over and probably try to kill you or sell you on aBay. And if you run away you will end up working for your MethHead uncle, fucking your cousin. So here's the deal. It's not across the street. It's down the road.

The Book Of WHAM!

Two more chapters from the great book of WHAM!

No audio sermon this week. My server was down this past weekend and I didn't record any thing because of it. I blame every one who reads this site for the site being down. I hate you all.

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